About Us


Drive Happy Driving School (License #E4400) is family owned and operated by Amber and Josh Mayes. We serve the communities of southwest Riverside County, California.  Our school is guided by a simple, yet vital principal:

“Learning to drive should be fun, not frightening.”

Every aspect of our business is shaped by this belief.  We thank you for taking the time to understand Drive Happy and sincerely hope that we can be of service to you. 

Our Industry Experience

aboutpic1Amber and Josh Mayes are both experienced driver education classroom and Behind-the-Wheel instructors. We have more than 13 years experience in the driving school industry, having taught over 3,300 students!

We have trained studentsranging in age from 15 – 91 years old, as well as teaching Traffic Violator school for licensed drivers. We also have extensive experience in re-training “high-risk” drivers, especially those drivers who have been place in the DMV “Driver Safety” program, and we provide Corporate Risk Management trainging for professional fleet drivers.  

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop the unique Drive Happy training programs for teens, adults, and senior drivers. Our training is focused on building a positive, relaxed learning environment and teaching our students simple techniques to drive safely. Our training purposely avoids heavy handed, high concept teaching in favor of building a series of simple habits that produce safe and reliable drivers.

As licensed driving instructors Amber and I maintain excellent personal driving records and have undergone a complete LiveScan background check. Our licenses’ are re-certified every 3 years and we attend regular continuing education seminars conducted by the Driving School Association of California.

Community and Industry Involvement

Drive Happy is proud to be involved in the community.  We conduct seminars at high schools, senior centers, and local events. At these seminars and events we provide free information to the benefit of the driving public.

In 2010 Drive Happy stepped up it’s community involvement by donating a scholarship to the local Murrieta Valley PTA. We are also proud sponsors of the City of Wildomar’s Bicycle Safety Event. We are also proud to sponsor and participate in the Donate Life Run / Walk at Cal State Fullerton every year.

As members of the Driving School Association of California we strive to improve our industry as a whole by advocating strong and fair accountability standards for driving schools, and less red tape and confusion for the public.  

Josh currently serves as President of the Association and spent five years serving as Secretary. Amber was the Seminar Chair for 4 years, a position that provided her with the unique opportunity of developing and organizing continuing education seminars for driving school owners, operators and instructors throughout the state of California. Josh and Amber are both frequent educational speakers / teachers at driving school industry continuing education seminars.

We are deeply committed to improving our industry. Our responsibilities require us to travel the state of California 3 times a year. Fortunately it also gives us the opportunity to teach, speak to, and learn from public safety officials of all types. We work closely with the CHP, Caltrans, Impact Teen Drivers, Donate Life, and many other organizations focused on safety. While this is a major commitment and sacrifice of time for us it also makes us better educators.

Origin of the Drive Happy Name and Logo

Creating a name and logo for our driving school was a long process.  We debated and researched names for 6 years.  Our spark of inspiration came during a family dinner with our kids. Our kids called us the happy and friendly instructors and we turned that into Drive Happy.

aboutpic3The smiley sun logo concept came from Amber.  She loves drawing of suns with human faces and we collected a lot of artwork.  We both agreed that the sun was a great representation of Southern California and also did a good job of representing happiness and learning.  I drew up a concept sketch based on our research,  tossing in the sunglasses because every driving instructor we know wears them.

Once we had the name and basic artwork sketched out we brought in a professional to make it really cool.  We chose a local artist,  Joe Harriman of Gorilla Media in Temecula, CA.  Joe created the finished work of art that you see today.  He also worked up a fantastic color scheme and layout for our training car.

In May of 2009 local artist Brian Wear of Garage Graphix took on the job of re-inventing our artwork and re-wrapping our original training car. He did a fantastic job of freshening up the art. In July of 2010 we went back to Brian to wrap our 2nd training car. Once again he developed a fresh art scheme that really catches eyes.                  

Growth and the Future

Since our inception in February of 2008 Drive Happy has grown every year, teaching more and more students. In the summer of 2010 we became so busy that we were able to undertake a major expansion. We brought on a 2nd training car, a 2011 Toyota Corolla LE. Since then we have continued to see strong growth, and are very excited about what the future may hold for us. We’d like to thank all of our students, past and present for telling all of your family and friends about us. Without you, we would not be where we are today.

About the Drive Happy Website

Our website is designed and maintained entirely by Amber and Josh Mayes (yes, we did it ourselves!).  We are proudly powered by WordPress.  Our web presense is designed not only to provide information about our business,  but to help anyone who is seeking a license,  free of charge.  We’re very proud of our Study Hall section and our driving related articles.  Feel free to browse.

We also post occasional articles about what is happening in our lives and the challenges of owning a small business.  Our blog is really a historical record of where we’ve been and where we’re going.  Our hope is that by allowing visitors to see inside Drive Happy,  we can remind everyone that we are not a faceless corporation.  We’re hard-working people with hopes,  dreams, and aspirations. . . just like you. 😀