Adult Training

Students age 17 1/2 or older are considered adults and are not required to take Driver Education or Driving Lessons. This does not mean that they will automatically receive a license.  

Passing a written and driving test is required for all ages. We offer a range of services to help adult students earn a California Driver License.

Is it safe to pay on-line?
Yes, payment is processed securely via Paypal. We do not collect or retain your credit/atm information. You may also enroll over the phone or by coming into office. Visit the contact page for more info.

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Step 1: Obtain A Learner’s Permit
Visit a Department of Motor Vehicles office. During the visit the student pass a written test of driving knowledge.

Click here for details on how an adult can obtain a Learner’s permit.

Important: If you already have a permit, proceed to Step 2

Step 2: Driving Lessons – $85.00 per lesson*

Buy the 1st lesson $85.00 to get started, or click here to SAVE MONEY with our package discounts!  

Takes place in our car, on real streets. Focused on building good driving habits and confidence with simple teaching techniques. Vehicle control, applying driving laws and rules to the real world, and defensive driving techniques are part of every lesson.

Program Highlights:

  • 90 minute lessons: Ideal for beginner drivers Why 90 minute lessons?
  • Private personal lessons with Amber or Josh: Only 1 student in the car at a time. Same instructor for every lesson Learn more about Amber & Josh!
  • Open scheduling with free pick-up & drop-off: Available 7 days a week 7am – 7pm, we pick-up and drop-off anywhere within our service area
  • Building block curriculum: Simple techniques teach safe driving without fear and stress. Every lesson builds on the skills from the previous
  • Safe training car: Toyota Corrolla LE equipped with dual controls, advanced safety features, marked as a student driver car, and fully insured See more pics of our car!
  • No nonsense: Students drive on real streets and learn real driving skills for the entire lesson

Click here to find out what to expect on the 1st driving lesson!
Step 3: Drive Test in Our Car – $250*

Take your Drive Test in the car you learned in, with your instructor. Includes a 1 hour warm-up to review all skills and calm nerves.

Note: Discount for students who have taken 4 or more driving lessons. Contact us for details.

Program Highlights:

  • No hassle: We schedule the test for you and provide free pick-up and drop-off the day off the test
  • Paperwork check & warm-up: We make sure the student has all the necessary papers and spend an hour reviewing all the skills needed to pass
  • Test in the car you learned in: We carry all the needed insurance and our car passes the Safety Inspection.

Optional Training Programs

8 Driving Lessons – $600aboutpic3

Student Name:
Date of Birth:

Save $80 from regular price, and receive 12 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training. Includes all the benefits of our Basic Training Program plus:

Program Highlights:

  • 12 Hours: Private, professional instruction from Amber or Josh
  • Advanced Highway Training: Interchange merging techniques, proper use of the break-down lane, etc
  • Advanced Parking Skills: including parallel parking and extensive parking lot maneuvers
  • Family Member Ride Along:: We teach YOU techniques that will help you practice with your student
  • Extra “Mock” Drive Test: Another chance to see how your skills have improved and correct errors before the “real” test

Our 12 Hour Total Training Program allows us extreme flexibility to meet each students educational needs. If your student has completed the Basic Program and you are still afraid to get in the car with them we highly recommend these advanced session.

To learn more about what skills may be covered in the 12 Hour Total Training Program click here for details.