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Kyle Passes The Drive Test!

Congrats to Kyle! He took driving lessons with Chris and passed his Drive Test this morning!

Kyle passes the Drive Test with Drive Happy!

Update: We got a very nice message through Facebook from Kyle’s mom that we’d like to share. “Kyle couldn’t make it without this cool, knowledgeable, professional, patients, awesome Instructor Chris’s help/advice. Thank you also to Josh who is on top of everything. Kudos to us all! Highly recommend Drive Happy for all your teens driving needs.”

Chantel Passes The Drive Test!

Congratulations Chantel!! She passed her test today with a score of -3. She was the first of my own children I have taught to drive. I can say with complete confidence that we have a MUCH better understanding of the difference between teaching our own kid, versus teaching someone we don’t know Never stop learning.

Amber Mayes

Drive Happy student Chantel passes the Drive Test!

Zach Passes The Drive Test!

Congratulations Zach!

This is Drive Happy student from Lake Elsinore took 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training with Josh and Amber Mayes and passed his Drive Test at the Hemet DMV on his first try!

Drive Happy student Zach passes the Drive Test!