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Josh Visits DMV Headquarters

This morning Josh from Drive Happy had a chance to sit down and meet with the new DMV Chief of Occupational Licensing at DMV Headquarters in Sacramento. They spent just over an hour discussing the current state of the driving school industry and the role of the DMV in regulating that industry. It was a very productive meeting, and we’re looking forward to meeting again to improve the driving school industry in the future.

Meetings like this are an important part of Josh’s job as President of the Driving School Association of California. He’s been serving on the Board of Directors of the Driving School Association for 7 years.


Bike Safety Event!

We had a great time this weekend at the Wildomar Bike Safety Event. Big thank you to everyone who braved the heat and came out to visit us!


Drive Happy Sponsoring Wildomar Bike Safety Event!

Drive Happy is always excited to sponsor and participate in the Wildomar Bicycle Safety event! We’re going to be there in person this year!

Stop by and say hello!

We’ll have business cards, informational flyers, California Driver Handbooks, Parent-Teen Training Aides, and more!

We’re also excited to be working with Impact Teen Driver who will be in the booth right next to us with all kinds of cool stuff.


Drive Happy Scheduling Tip!

Summer is fast approaching and we know that you’re eager to finish up your driving lessons and get your License. Please remember to contact us to schedule early. We work hard to find the right space for you, but we’re only human and there are only so many spaces available in a day.

Please do not wait to schedule your final driving lessons days before your permit expires, or before your Drive Test. In fact, you should not schedule your Drive Test until you have your last driving lesson scheduled.

There is a very good reason that you are required to hold your permit for 6 months before your driving test. Allowing sufficient time for training and supervised practice will not only help you prepare for your driving test, it will make you a safer and more confident driver for years to come.

Thanks for reading, and Drive Happy!

Driving Lesson Interruption In Fallbrook

Update 3:30pm:
We have temporarily suspended driving lesson service to Fallbrook and surrounding communities due to the multiple wild fires burning in the area.

Today we are tracking 2 fires in the Fallbrook area. To all of our Fallbrook students, parents, and friends: Our thoughts are with you and the fire crews defending your community.

We will continue to monitor the fire activity and if needed will temporarily suspend driving lessons in the Fallbrook area.

Tuesday Drive Happy Tip

Pedestrians have the right of way in marked, or unmarked crosswalks. When approaching an intersection, always check the corners for pedestrians who may be preparing to cross and yield as needed.

We’re Back!

We had a very productive Driving School Association of California Board Meeting and Seminar in Pleasanton, California over the weekend. Some very good educational material was presented by the California the Highway Patrol, CalTrans, the California Transplant Donor Network, and Handicap Driver Training.

The travel and time that we dedicate to these events is significant, but definitely worth it. How often do you get a chance to talk directly to a Senior Traffic Engineer from Caltrans? This kind of insight is something that most driving schools simply don’t have.

As always we appreciate the patience and understanding of our students and customers. You’re all great, and we are excited to put the information we learn at these events to work teaching you. Thanks for your time, and Drive Happy.