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Drive Happy Office Closed Tomorrow Wed 04/16/14

Hi there! We wanted to let everyone know that the Drive Happy office will be closed tomorrow Wednesday 04/16/14. Our kids are on Spring Break this week and we are taking them to Knott’s Berry Farm! We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you understand that time with our children is very difficult to come by in today’s busy world. Normal hours will resume on Thursday 04/17/14.

Temecula DMV Closure & Drive Happy Drive Test

Due to the upcoming closure of the Temecula DMV on March 21st, all Drive Happy Drive Test will be scheduled at the Hemet DMV. We’ll be using Hemet until the Temecula DMV reopens. Prices and scheduling times for Drive Test will increase to reflect the longer travel distance, and anticipated scheduling delays.

We expect to increase the price of the Drive Test to $250.00. If you’ve already paid for a Drive Test this change does not affect you.

Please expect this change to be implemented online no later than the end of today Monday (03/10/14).

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Happy Birthday Drive Happy!

Thank you to all of our students past and present for helping us to reach our 6th Birthday! We are very grateful for your support and have been extremely happy to help so many people learn to Drive Happy. Hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, tens of thousands of lessons taught and we are ready for the next 6 years! Thank you!

Happy Car!

A clean car is a happy car! We’ll be on the road all day tomorrow so we squeezed in a bath this afternoon. See you on the street!

Drive Happy Car clean and pretty!

Drive Happy car gets a bath

New Driving Law For Teens In 2014

Happy New Year!

Don’t forget that beginning today it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to write, send, or read text based messages while driving even if they have a voice activated or hands-free device.

Thanksgiving Break Is Coming!

Good morning everyone!

Today is friendly reminder that the Thanksgiving Holiday break is fast approaching. Drive Happy will be on the road during the holiday break teaching, and lessons are still available. However, we strongly suggest that if you would like to go out driving with us over the break that schedule right now!.

We love teaching lessons, and we are looking forward to teaching you, but we do expect this period to be very, very busy. Please plan ahead and schedule today.

Please note that driving lessons will not be available on Thanksgiving Day (Thu 11/28) or the day after (Fri 11/29). Time with family and friends is very difficult to come by, but absolutely necessary. We do hope that you understand, and that you choose to spend time with your family and friends on these dates as well.

Drive Happy!

No Lessons on Halloween Afternoon / Evening

We will not be teaching ANY driving lesson after 2pm on Halloween. Small children in costumes and student drivers are not a good combination. We hope that everyone understands why this is important and we apologize for the inconvenience. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Driving School Association of California Weekend

Amber and I are very involved in our industry and advancing driver training and traffic safety. Part of our involvement means attending Driving School Association of California Board Meetings and Continuing Education Seminars 3 times a year. The final Board Meeting and Continuing Education Seminar of 2013 is taking place this weekend Saturday October 12 – Sunday October 13 in San Diego and we will be attending.

What that means for our students, is that unfortunately we will not able to take any driving lessons this weekend. We do understand that many of you like taking weekend lessons, and we like teaching them! We do hope that you understand that we would only miss our weekend lessons for a very good reason, and this is one.

This also means that we will not be available to answer phone calls on Saturday, or Sunday. We will however still be checking our email, and will do our best to get back to you quickly. On-line Driver Education, Study Hall, and the rest of our website will continue to function as normal.

Regular lesson and phone hours will resume on Monday October 14 at 9am.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and have a great weekend!


How Should Our New Car Look?

Now that we’ve got our new training car out on the road, it’s time to decide what color we’re going to wrap it. We’re leaning towards purple. What do you think?