Learning to drive should be fun, not frightening

Drive Happy Driving School in Murrieta teaches Driver Ed for teen student drivers & Behind-the-Wheel training for student drivers of all ages.

Driver Ed

  • Step #1 for students ages 15 - 17 1/2
  • Online Driver Ed is better than dusty old classroom Driver Ed
  • Fast & easy Online Driver Ed available 24 / 7 wherever you are
  • Quick local certificate pickup available at no extra charge

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Combined Package

  • Discounted price for Driver Ed & Behind-the-Wheel together
  • Everything a teen 15 - 17 1/2 needs to drive
  • Sign up today and start today with easy and secure online enrollment

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  • 90 minute private driving lessons with the same instructor every time
  • Easy to learn structured Driver Training curriculum
  • Flex scheduling with free pick-up & drop-off

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My daughter just finished her driver's training with Josh and we were very happy we chose Drive Happy. With our first child we chose another driving school and the difference between the two was staggering! First, I liked having 4 lessons at 1 1/2 hours a piece, instead of 3 lessons for 2 hours a piece. More opportunity after practicing with the instructor. Plus, two hours is long for anyone to be just driving around. Second, every single time Josh walked my daughter up to the door and gave us feedback on the lesson and things for her to work on, as well as areas where she did well. This was huge as the last school never spoke to us once. Josh also instructed her while driving constantly educating and directing. The final lesson was graded with the actual DMV test sheet. This really helped and gave her concrete feedback and confidence needed to take the real test. Thank you, Josh. She did very well on her driving test and got her license yesterday first time around.~Erin M.Source: Yelp review

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