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Lesson Plan

This is a framework for the Drive Happy Six Hour Training Program. The goal is always to make them as capable of driving safely and passing the DMV test as possible with the time allotted.

Lesson #1:

  • Quiet area
  • Steering control
  • Right turn simple
  • Left turn simple
  • Smooth braking
  • Stop sign simple
  • Basic speed limits
  • Safe following / stopping distance
  • Right turn traffic light
  • Left turn traffic light

Lesson #2:

  • Lane changes
  • Blindspots
  • Right of way at intersections
  • Speed control
  • Freeway merging
  • Keeping space around car

Lesson #3:

  • Mountain road / windy roads
  • Parking lot driving
  • Parking space parking
  • Blindspots

Lesson #4:

  • Skill review
  • Practice DMV Drive Test

Modify, expand, compress, switch skills, and improvise as needed. Do not spend excessive time traveling in a straight line, and do not spend excessive time traveling on the freeway. Change speed, change direction, and teach at every opportunity.

Driver Ed

  • Step #1 for students ages 15 - 17 1/2
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Combined Package

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