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Miley Cyrus Has A Lousy Driving Instructor

I ran across this article over the weekend.  Check out this excerpt.

Cyrus explains, “My driving instructor scares me. We’re driving along and he’ll say to me, ‘What’s going to happen if you make a left turn?’ I’ll say, ‘I dunno’ and then he’ll go, ‘Bang – that’s going to happen to your brand new car’. He just starts hitting things.”

Wow,  even the rich and famous end up with lousy driving instructors.  There is an unfortunate group of driving instructors in the world who believe that teaching means scaring the crap out of students.  Here at Drive Happy, we take a positive approach to teaching.  We believe that a new drivers early experience behind-the-wheel shapes the rest of their driving lives.  Those who learn to enjoy driving,  and have the knowledge to drive with confidence, are safer than those who are frightened of driving.

Special message to Miley:

It’s not too late to change driving schools! Drive Happy would be happy to teach you,  and we have appointments available this week! 😉

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