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Why We Teach 90 Minute Driving Lessons

Drive Happy is one of the few California driving schools that have broken away from the 2 hour lesson format,  employed since the 1930’s by the majority of driving instructors.  Our decision was based on years of experience and study of actual students.  These are the key observations that led us to the decision:

Driving Lessons are Mentally Demanding

Two hours spent behind-the-wheel of a car is a long time for anyone.  When you consider the fact that our students are not just driving, but actively learning it becomes even longer.  New drivers need to think through every step of even the most basic maneuver to build safe driving habits.  This is a mentally intensive process, and our research has shown that forcing students to do this for longer than 90 minutes actually causes their driving skills to regress, rather than improve.

Driving Lessons are Physically Demanding

Sitting in a fixed position for longer than 90 minutes is unhealthy to the human body.  Muscles in the arms, shoulders, and legs begin to cramp and lose circulation.  The student’s eyes,  which are the single most important tool of any driver begin to fatigue and lose focus.  Not only is this harmful to the student’s training,  it endangers the safety of student,  instructor, and the general public.

Driver Ed

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