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Final Update On Zoom Zoom Driving School

If you lost money to Zoom Zoom you should file DMV form OL 620 and file a claim with the surety bonding company. The bonding company information is Developer Surety & Indemnity Co. at 17780 Fitch, Suite 200 in Irvine or call (800) 782-1546. Reference policy # 250250C

If you need proof of the lessons completed by your child, please contact Rodney at the Department of Motor Vehicles 916-629-3346.

Please note that while we are more than happy to assist your teen in completing their behind-the-wheel training, our prices will remain unchanged. We are, and have always been more expensive. Lower prices mean lower quality, and that is not Drive Happy.

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A Guide For Zoom Zoom Driving School Victims

Step 1:
If you paid with a credit card within the last 90 days, contact the issuer immediately and dispute the charges. If you paid with a check, contact your financial institution. There is a possibility that you may have time to stop payment. If you paid with cash, or are unable to dispute or stop payment you must file an official complaint with the DMV to be eligible to receive restitution from the school’s surety bond. Search for DMV for OL 620. Do not delay in filing as the surety bond is only $10,000 and will exhaust quickly.

Step 2:
If your son or daughter has already completed some of their behind-the-wheel training you may be able to complete training with a better school, provided that you can provide written proof of the students previous training including the date, time, and instructor name and license number. Please note that a driving school cannot assist you without this information. We are compelled by California State Law and cannot complete training without the above mentioned evidence. It is not a choice, it is a law.

Step 3:
You may find that the price of driving lessons is significantly higher than the price you paid to the now defunct Zoom Zoom Driving School. Quality driving schools must charge reasonable prices to cover operating expenses, and avoid default. Lower prices mean lower quality, and higher risk of failure. There are no exceptions.

We are providing 2 hour driving lessons to former Zoom Zoom students only for $110 per lesson. This price is based on our standard course pricing and has not increased in the previous 6 month period. We are extremely sympathetic to your situation, and we are doing our best to assist you.