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Website Weirdness…

Our apologies to anyone who visited our website yesterday. We had some technical difficulties that caused the entire main page to dissappear. We spent a few hours yesterday digging into the code and we believe that the problem is now fixed. If anyone noticed anything strange going on feel free to e-mail us or call 951-805-8666.

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Adult (18+)

For an adult to receive an Instruction Permit, they must:

  • Be at least 17 1/2 years old.

Note: You must present an acceptable birth/legal presence document to the DMV.

  • Submit an application (DL44) to the DMV.

Note: We will provide a blank application to you upon enrollment.

  • Pass a written test at the DMV.

Note: The fee for the DMV written test is $28.00. This fee allows 3 attempts to pass. There are 36 questions on the test.

  • Pass a basic vision test at the DMV.

Note: You vision must be at least 20/40 with or without corrective lenses. If you need your corrective lenses to pass the test you will be required to wear them anytime you drive.

  • Take a photo and thumb print at the DMV.

Note: This photo will appear on your California Driver License. Don’t forget to brush your hair and practice your smile!

After you have met all of the above requirements the DMV will issue a California Instruction Permit.

Enroll On-line Now or Call 951-805-8666

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Training Car

Our training vehicle is equipped with the following safety features:

  • Passenger side brake pedal.
  • Passenger side rear instructor mirror, dual instructor side view mirrors, and instructor “eye-check” mirrors.
  • Vinyl vehicle wrap on the sides and rear identifying it as a Student Driver vehicle.
  • Front and side impact air-bags.
  • Daytime running lights.
  • Low tire pressure warning system.
  • Automatic door locks that activate whenever the car is moving
  • Full adjustable driver seat and steering wheel
  • Have you ever wondered what an Instructor Brake looks like?

    Well, our brake looks like this:

    Instructor Brake

    Front of car:

    Front of our training vehicle

    Side of car:

    Side of our Car

    Back of car:

    Back of Our Car

    Inside view:

    Inside of Our Training Vehicle

    Enroll On-line Now or Call 951-805-8666

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    Getting a license doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Grand Opening!

    DL44? OL237? Provisional Permit? We eliminate the headaches by personally guiding you through the DMV licensing process.
    Find out more

    Learning to drive doesn’t have to be scary.

    Side of our Car

    Patient, courteous, and professional instructors will teach you to drive in a safe, relaxed, and fun environment.
    Find out more

    Enroll On-line Now or Call 951-805-8666

    Why should you choose Drive Happy?

    Service Area: (Free Pick-up & Drop-off)

    View Larger Map


    On-line Driver Education – $49.99

    Behind-the-Wheel – $79.99 per lesson

    Drive Test in Our Car – $99.99

    Enroll On-line Now or Call 951-805-8666

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    About Us

    Amber & I Infront of Drive Happy Office

    Drive Happy is a professional driving school providing instruction for Class C motor Vehicle licensing in the State of California. My name is Josh Mayes and my wife is Amber Mayes, we are both professional driving instructors.

    Together, we have 9 years experience in the driving school industry. The bulk of our experience has been providing behind-the-wheel training to new drivers. We have taught over 2,500 students how to drive a car! In case you were wondering, none of our students have ever hit anything more than a curb during their driving lessons.

    Amber and I are also qualified driver education classroom instructors with thousands of hours of classroom experience. In addition, I am also a qualified traffic violator school instructor.

    We received our DMV Driving School License (#4400) on February 14th, 2008 and celebrated our official Grand Opening on January 21st, 2008.

    Grand Opening!

    About the Drive Happy Website:

    Our website was designed entirely by Amber and Joshua Mayes (yes, we did it ourselves!) using WordPress and an assortment of plug-ins. We also designed and maintain the Drive Happy Blog, a comprehensive web publication dedicated to all aspects of driving.