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On-line Driver Ed VS Classroom Driver Ed

We know Driver Education. We have 15+ years of classroom teaching experience. So, why do we only offer On-line Driver Education? Because our Online Driver Ed is superior to a traditional classroom course!   

Our On-line Driver Ed is knowledge based, not time based

A traditional classroom curriculum is based on time. The California DMV requires a student to attend 30 hours of classroom education. Many students spend 30 hours actively engaging and learning. Some students spend 30 hours staring at the ceiling. Both groups receive the same Certificate of Completion! 🙁

With our On-line Driver Education program the focus is taken away from the clock, and placed on understanding the material. The course is divided into 15 Chapters. Each Chapter covers a series of core topics. At the end of each Chapter the student faces an examination of their understanding. If the student does not pass the examination, they learn where their weaknesses are, and then test again, until they understand the material.  

Student who are struggling are easily identified because we monitor the progress of every student.  Our admin area shows us how far each student has progressed,  and what areas they do, and do not understand.  We can then reach out to these students and offer assistance. 🙂

Our On-line Driver Ed is up to date and easy to expand and revise

The nature of an online curriculum makes it easy to incorporate new material as it becomes available. Revisions and updates appear instantly.  Driving laws, rules and techniques are constantly evolving,  and so is our On-line Driver Ed program.

Compare this to a traditional classroom setting. The curriculum itself is rarely, if ever updated. Textbooks and videos are often years old (up to 30 years in some cases). Don’t believe us? Call your local schools and ask to see their curriculum syllabus and instruction materials. 😉

Our On-line Driver Ed program allows students to learn at their own pace

Have you ever heard your kids tell you that their school classes were too slow? Or too fast? Of course you have, and so have we. As professional educators we understand that every student is an individual that learns at their own pace. On-line Driver Ed allows students to do just that.

Driver Ed

  • Easy to use & available 24 / 7
  • Learn at your pace
  • Local expert support from real instructors

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  • 90 minute private lessons taught by great instructors
  • Easy to learn curriculum
  • Flex scheduling with free pick-up & drop-off

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Combined Package

  • Discount for Driver Ed & Behind-the-Wheel
  • Meets all DMV requirements for teens
  • Easy and secure online enrollment

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