Driver Ed


This is the Step 1 for a teen to get a California Driver License.

Student who already have a Learner’s Permit proceed to Step 2: Behind-the-Wheel


Online Driver Ed teaches new student drivers the laws & rules of the road, vehicle physics, the effects of alcohol and drugs, mechanical systems, etc. preparing them to pass the written Learner’s Permit test at the DMV.

  • Quality curriculum: Up to date and easy to understand. Clear writing, graphics, and video make learning easy and interesting.
  • Convenient & available 24/7: Log in from anywhere, any time, and learn at your pace.
  • Accountability: End of Chapter test ensure that students are learning.
  • Local support: We monitor student progress and can provide assistance quickly.

Why is online Driver Ed is superior to traditional classroom Driver Ed?

Hi Josh! Well Nicholas passed his Driver's License test with 100%! ~Kara M.Source: Email

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